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Price transparency

Should SaaS companies (especially #PLG) publish prices? Absolutely!

Price transparency can be a very powerful lever in reducing friction in the buying pricing.

Having a pricing page, to show the different plans and the benefits/features of each plan is not enough. When there are so many options for majority of the solutions, adding just a "Contact Us" option will add a major friction point in the buying process.

Price transparency should be one of the key motions in the PLG strategy. I wrote about this in a previous post a while back (

But the why do companies hesitate in publishing their pricing, especially B2B or Enterprise software? A few of the reasons could be

- Fear that competitors might undercut their pricing

- Differentiated price by customer

Companies like Vendr are making the buying process much easier and transparent by providing a price range for software solutions, so price information is getting public one way or the other.

A few ways to start down the price transparency journey:

- Start publishing the price points for entry level plans

- During initial phase, have an Enterprise where they can "Contact Sales" or if you provide an a-la-carte option to select the features, that could be a "Contact Sales"

- Eventually when you have enough data and mature in your pricing journey, publish the prices for the Enterprise option as well.



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