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Price Segmentation in SaaS

I recently got a question from a SaaS founder on how to price their product.

They were not completely aligned with per user since the tool or product solves different use cases for different functions.

They were considering tiering based on the number of users, but their maximum users would only be ~15, and giving volume or tier discounts at this level of users is not really beneficial.

So what should they do? Price segmentation!

Pricing segmentation - By User persona

Price Model - Per User

Price based on User persona. Since each persona gets a different value out of the product, pricing based on user-persona would be the best approach.

They could then use per user pricing model so as new users get added based on user persona, they maximize value capture.

A few great examples of pricing based on User-persona are LinkedIn and HubSpot. It is one platform but each type of user, ie persona, gets different value out of it.

Each of these users personas can have additional features of the product and and each of these segments can again have Good, Better, Best Packaging.


PriceOps helps standardize and simplify all these steps and provides framework on how to price.



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